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Every activity has dairy and vegan version.


Let us have fun making chocolate truffles. You will have a great time making chocolate with your fellow hens and you will finish up your class with some amazing handmade truffles and loads of interesting facts and knowledge about this sweet confection. Of course, you will have loads to take home.

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chocolate mould


This is one of our most popular private courses.

Learn to make chocolate bonbons filled with soft creamy centres. We will guide you on how to temper chocolate and make a perfect chocolate ganache.

No need for early knowledge or skills, we will be there to ensure your success. Our step by step learning method will make sure you will make chocolate bonbons like a pro. This class is for maximum 8 students.

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Chocolate is the best way to celebrate your big day – Hen party, Birthday, family events. We are adjusting the chocolate activity to your event.

Have fun, learn new skills, work together, and have loads of chocolates to take home to share with loved ones.

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Truffles making


Over four/five days the children will learn the essential chocolate work. We start at the very basics of tempering chocolate and make professional chocolate bonbons.

We are running these courses at during school half term and over the summer.

The courses running at our studio. Part of the course is visiting our production room and learning about our chocolate machines.

In the picture is the chocolate house the children will make on the first day of the course. It is hard work to temper chocolate by hand. We are learning this skill by building a chocolate house.

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We developed new and uniqe wedding option. We will set chocolate table at your wedding. This table will be our working stand to make chocolate products for your guests. The fun is double – having fresh chocolate products, your guests will have the chance to see live chocolatier work.

You can have this live chocolate work stand not only for wedding. Can have it for any kind of party and event.