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At R&M Fine Chocolate we are running a wide range of chocolate activities. For sure you can find the one that is the best for you.

The activities can be Milky or/and Vegan (pareve) chocolate.

Adult/Kids/Family Workshop – Based on handmade work. Let free your creativity. No need for early knowledge, just good imagination. But do not worry we will be there to guide you and help you to get great products to be proud of. Great fun activity

Chocolate courses for children – These courses are usually running at half terms and summer for four full days. But can if there is a demand we can run it as a weekly meeting. At this course, we are learning the day to day life of the chocolatier and the making of the basics products at a few techniques. At the end of this course, the kids will know to make basic product like pralines, truffles and bars. From this point, they can be the next generation of chocolatiers.

After school chocolatier club – one hour weekly chocolate class. We will learn the basic work of the chocolatier. Each week different subject or different way of the chocolate work. The children will learn a new thing every week and will feed the family with new chocolate products every week.

Full day chocolate course for adults – Learn to make your own chocolate truffles and pralines from scratch. At this course, you will learn to make the basic products using a few techniques. It is a mix of great fun and true learning.  It is a great Christmas gift.

Birthday parties – The best way to celebrate your special day from the age of five to five hundred. Everybody having fun making chocolate and celebrating. Your guests will have loads of chocolate to take home to share.

Hen parties – Get ready for your big day with loads of chocolate. Great activities and fun getting ready for your wedding day. You will get some facts and tips on how chocolate can improve your marriage life and loads of products to take home to share.

Weddings – At your big day, We will be happy to offer our chocolate wedding favours that we can tailor for your request. Some of our products are best when they are fresh or cannot be shipped. Do not worry there is an option for us to come to your wedding with our chocolate table and make your chocolates on the spot. It will make your big day even BIGGER. Your guest will see the chocolatier working and will have fresh products!