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Where the products come from?

Where the products come from?

Long time since I wrote here. Lucky me, I can blame Christmas. To be honest I did not know what to write about.

Finally I decided to write about where my products comming from. I mean how an idea develops into a new product and how the name develops.

Well, idea for new products and its design can pop up from almost anything. You can go the easy way and copy products from chef google. No one will tell, but everybody do it. For me, there is no one way for it. Just have to try with no fear from failure. Sometimes we get the best products from doing big mistakes.

Here is the story of two of my best products. Ready? Here it comes…

Chocochees – I met a guy that has nothing to do with chocolate. We spoke about a lot of things and one of the things he told me is that when he was young in Russia they had some kind of chocolate bar from chocolate and cheese. He did not tell me what kind of chees, how it look like or what was the flavour. From the moment he told me that I started to think of how can I combine chocolate and cheese. It was all in my mind. At the next night I start making whatever was in my mind. The process was not easy, and it did not worked at start but after few hours I got product I could be proud of. I set another meeting with this guy, let him tast my chocolate chees truffle. He was absolutely surprised to know that this was the result of his story about his chocolate memories from long time ago in Russia. Must tell you it is not even close to the chocolate bar he told me of. But, hey, from story about strange chocolate bar I got one of my best seller. The name for this product is easy – chocolate + cheese = chococheese.

Rock truffle – This is totaly different story. As you know we all eat with our eyes. So products must look good. I saw that products at chocolate exhibition in franch. The flavour can be anything but the way these truffles looked like was new for me, It was something I did not see anywere alse. Of course I did not see how to make it. For about a year, from time to time, every few month when I had time, I tried to make this unique truffles. Only after countless failures I got the technique how to do it (now it look very easy and simple). Because the developing process was so very long I am so proud of it. Choosing  name for this product was very hard as well. I could not name it by flavour like happens many time. It took me few more moth of looking at these truffles and then it came to me – it look like rock, so let it be Rock Truffles! At the pic below you can see my Rock Tuffles:

Rock Truffles

So as we said at start products idea can pop up from anything we do, feel, hear, see. We just need to open eyes and ears all around us and keep open mind.


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