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Full day Chocolatier course for one person


Six hours of learning the work and techniques of the chocolatier.



Join us for a full-day course of learning the basic techniques and works of the chocolatier. Real learning and understanding what is chocolate and how to work with it. Come all you chocolate lover and join me for fun and learning.

You will learn about the chocolate world – the chocolate industry, benefits, and loads of facts about chocolate.

you will learn the history of chocolate, and how to make your own self chocolate products like a pro. We will start with learning to temper chocolate and making chocolate bars, we will make truffles from scratch – from ganache to decorate, we will make Belgian style pralines. If we have more time we will have French-style pralines. Each of you will make different flavour truffles and pralines so you can share and take home loads of flavours.

All you will do is to take home to share with your loved ones.

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