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My chocolate story

My chocolate story


Welcome to the first post for the R&M Fine Chocolate blog. I Will write to you once a month (I hope) to update you about the things we are doing at R&M Fine Chocolate, let you know about new/old chocolate trends and some facts about chocolate.

For my first post I would like to tell you  my story (shortly). How this chocolate thing started for me.

I studied economics at the univercity,  worked as economists at a milk companey for four years and at huge global chemistry company for almost 11 years. For the last five years at the chemistry company my roll was supply chain manager.

During the years I develop small hobby – chocolate making. I was so amazed from the thing called chocolate, I decided to find out how it is made. I found myself doing chocolate making courses, where I learned to make truffles, pralines and other chocolate products at several techniques. I must say I was so lucky to find the best chocolate teacher in the world.

For the first years I made chocolate products only for my family and friends. After few years of doing it, learning from anyone willing to, reading any chocolate book I could find, my products become better and better. Slowly I started to trully understant the materials I am working with. But most importent I started to develop my own unique recipe and unique style. From this poind I called myself Chocolatier.

At this point the hobby go so big, I had to choose – the safe job or the hobby. I picked the hobby.

Today I am R&M Fine Chocolate, located at the heart of Prestwich Manchester, I am doing everything from chocolate products to packing and accounts. But most importent my product are all mine – my recipe, my style.


Raanan Malkin

R&M Fine Chocolate

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